What’s Ahead ?

Dekalb County Parks and Recreation has confirmed that construction on the new Playground and Pavillion area on the corner of Briarwood Rd. and Briarwood Way will begin in November and should be completed by the time the City of Brookhaven opens its doors on December 17th.

 New Playground & Pavillion areas

 Rendering of Playground Area

A survey was done by the Brookhaven Patch on what area residents would like to see improved at Briarwood Park. You can see the results here by following through the comment sections at the end of the article.

Residents weigh in on Park Improvements

The following is on the Dekalb County Purchase and Contract agenda for the Dekalb County Commissioners Oct 23rd meeing:

LB4.    Briarwood Park Playground Equipment and Pavilion Installation Project 2012: Invitation No. 12-100303 for use by Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs; AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED: $107,244.00 (Accepted to the Regular BOC Meeting Agenda; Assigned to the Finance, Audit & Budget Committee)

Email from Revonda Moody, Dekalb Cty Superintendent for Briarwood Park Project.                                                                                                                                                  Steve, Thanks for following-up and you’re correct the BOC approved the award of the contract to install the new playground and pavilion. The next step is for Purchasing/Contracting (P/C) to notify the vendor of award. After which the contract is routed internally for signature and final execution to include contract compliance, parks, legal and the CEO’s office. This typically takes 6-8 weeks, however, it is expected to be expedited. Having said that, assume this still reasonably takes 4 weeks. We should be in the dirt in December. The fencing contractor has been selected and is set to start in conjunction with the general contractor when it makes sense from a construction coordination standpoint. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be onsite with P/C for the pre-bid for the parking area (10 spaces). The equipment, surfacing and site furnishings have already been ordered so we are waiting simultaneously for all work and products. All work must be completed within 75 days after start so it’s a quick turnaround. Weather permitting we can do much better than 75 days. I will share the actual work start date the minute it’s determined and known, so you can enjoy and track the progress! Let me know if you need any other info at this time. Revonda C: 404-759-7740 O: 404-371-6247