Briarwood Park Fire !!

Briarwood FireWhile out on errands today, we looped through Briarwood Park and found the woods on fire down in the gully between Briarwood Way and the Rec. center. A Postal worker was in the parking lot taking a break and saw teenage kids down in the woods. He said they disappeared and several minutes later the fire and smoke started billowing. The Fire Dept. was called and they were able to knock down the flames in short order. As most of you are aware by now, the Friends of Briarwood Park sponsor periodic clean up days at the Park where we are concentrating on the removal of underbrush in the wooded areas that provide cover for vandals. Our next clean up day is April 6th, so we invite everyone to come out and help with clean-up efforts at the Park to discourage future acts of vandalism at our Park. If not for the alertness of the Postal worker and one of the Park attendants this could have turned into a real disaster……………

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