Briarwood Park Press Release !!

Briarwood Park Forest Patio Project


Chad Boles and all the dedicated volunteers of the Friends of Briarwood Park announce the beginning of a beautification project to renovate the old playground area of Briarwood Park. The new playground area has been relocated to the upper portion of Briarwood Park next to Briarwood Road. The space resulting from the old playground removal allows for a landscaping project. The area will hence more be called the Forest Patio.


The project includes a walkway down to the river bridge bordered by landscape, repainting and re-roofing the picnic area and staining the river bridge. The mission of the project is to utilize landscape plants from razed home renovations or new construction. An irrigation system will follow the water meter installation by Dekalb County. All donated landscape plants will remain temporarily in the nursery area while plans are made for their placement around the park. The project starts tomorrow afternoon, 4/15/013, around 4 pm. We’ll work on the project almost every day and Saturdays for the next 2 weeks from 4 pm til’ dark. Project work progresses every day the Briarwood Park Work Day sign is on the fence.


Construction services and landscape plants are donated by K&H Homes, Greenpoint Contracting, Wood Partners Alta Apartments and Buckhaven Construction. Brookhaven United Methodist Church is also involved in an ancillary project taking place at the same time. Their focus is the family sidewalk along Briarwood Way as part of their Bless Brookhaven Initiative.


The remaining list of materials needed includes:

  • 15 gallons of Olympic Deck Wash
  • Hand held sprayer
  • 20 gallons of Cabot Australian Oil (Cedar Color)
  • 30 –  8’X6”X6” landscape timbers
  • Truckload of river rock
  • Irrigation System
  • Bobcat and Loader equipment
  • Large project mulch tiller
  • New roof for picnic area
  • Donor homes providing landscape plants
  • Labor, labor, labor


The project is designed, supervised and funded by the Friends of Briarwood Park. Please contact Chad Boles with services, materials or monetary donation proposals (contact information below). Total project cost from donations and proceeds should ranged between $15-20,000 which includes the water meter cost required by Dekalb County. Park Pride is our pass through hosting organization for all tax exempt monetary donations.


For more information about our benefactors please contact them directly:


Green Point Contracting – Rory O’Halloran – Arborist and Tree Services –  404-783-0960

K&H Homes, Inc. – Houston Feaster – 770-318-8879

Wood Brothers Alta Apartments – Bennett Sands –

Buckhaven – Jared Levitt –

Brookhaven United Methodist Church – Pastor Sara Webb Phillips –

Chad Boles, CFP®


Friends of Briarwood Park

Contact Evelyn Ellington at Briarwood Park


Park Open: Mon-Fri 11-6, Sat 10-2


Bring your toddler playgroups – basketball, volleyball, tennis and swim teams – Domino and Bridge Tournaments – neighborhood assocation meetings


Go Briarwood Bulldogs!


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