The Briarwood Park Forest Patio Project is nearing Phase I completion

The Briarwood Park Forest Patio Project is nearing Phase I completion. At the end of this week the landscape beds completion is on schedule. The picnic table concrete area and river bridge will be pressure washed and cleaned. More landscape timbers for creating stairs in the Park Trail are on schedule for Saturday.

Phase II will begin once the Office of Watershed Management delivers and installs the water meter. The old playground has been removed and the meter fee has been paid. It was expensive and our account has a negative balance.

Phase II will include placing landscape timbers and river rock for the trail walkway between the beds and installing the irrigation system. A new roof is going on the picnic tables. The community garden design includes decorative fencing around the perimeter. The Park Trail is a project by itself but it is on track to encircle the whole park.

Haven Construction, is preparing a proposal for a bathroom on the new playground. DeKalb County will review their proposal and coordinate the installation. Haven Construction has full artistic license to create whatever they like on the bathroom. The Friends of Briarwood Park’s only request was a time lock to close after sunset or thereabouts. Beggars can’t be choosers and Haven Construction’s name is on it. THANK YOU Haven Construction. DeKalb County continues construction of the pavilion, safety fencing and landscape of the new playground this week under the supervision of Revonda Moody, DeKalb Co. Parks and Rec.

We’d like to thank Ferguson Enterprises for the irrigation supplies and Revonda Moody from Dekalb County Parks and Rec who has been delightful. Additionally, Lowes, Buckhaven Construction, Casey Tree Experts and K&H Homes have been invaluable partners on this extremely tight time schedule. Please utilize all of our corporate sponsors any chance you get. In addition to supplying the needs of Briarwood Park, they are our neighbors. Thank you.

We work Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon and Saturday starting at 9 am. Come by and help or just to say hello. We value your input.

Chad Boles, CFP®


Friends of Briarwood Park

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