Side Walk installation at Briarwood Park

Today, December 17th 2013 is the one year birthday for the City of Brookhaven. A lot has been accomplished during this start-up year for the City from electing a Mayor and City Council  and establishing City Government to forming a Police Dept. from the ground up.  On the exact one year anniversary of the City, Brookhaven is giving back to residents surrounding Briarwood Park and especially the Drew Valley neighborhood, as a long awaited 1100 foot sidewalk is being installed along Briarwood Way from Drew Valley Rd.  to the Park entrance. The project is part of end of year spending from the first year budget of the City. Each Commissioner was tasked  to find small sidewalk projects that would provide connectivity for neighborhoods. District 2 Councilman Jim Eyre selected the Briarwood Way project for his district. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Jim for making this happen for our area.  If the weather holds, I am told that the sidewalk should be completed by Thursday.

                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CITY OF BROOKHAVEN

B'Park sidewalk 005 B'Park sidewalk 007 B'Park sidewalk 001 B'Park sidewalk 004 B'Park sidewalk 003

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