Brookhaven Parks get a splash of winter color !!

Recently, a lot has been happening not only at Briarwood Park but all of the Parks within Brookhaven in general. This past weekend District one Council Woman Rebecca Chase- Williams, championed an event at all of the Parks to do a Park entrance spruce up and add some winter and spring color. The City of Brookhaven provided over 3000 Tulip bulbs and 1800 pansies for the event. Friends of Briarwood Park volunteers Steve Walker and Greg Trinkle along with interim Parks Director Eric Stipes and his wife Mary did the planting at the Briarwood Park entrance.Blub planting @ Park 003 Blub planting @ Park 001 Blub planting @ Park 005 Blub planting @ Park 004  Later on in the afternoon Steve and Greg joined in with Jim Eyre and Rebecca Chase-Williams to do the planting at Ashford Park as well. The Pansies will provide winter color while the Tulips will bloom in the early Spring. Thanks to Rebecca for the flowers.

Most all of the Parks now have formed “Friends of” groups and have “liked” each others facebook pages to keep happenings and events at the Parks linked together.

Recently,  Steve Walker and  Friends of Briarwood Park volunteers,  joined in with the President of the newly formed Friends of Georgian Hills Park, Kathie Coy and volunteers for there  for their  inaugural work day. We got down right mid-evil on some long neglected areas of the Park clearing out invasive weeds, privet, and ivy. Blackburn Park has also formed a group and recently held their inaugural work day as well.

The City of Brookhaven had some funds left in the first year budget designated for sidewalks. Each Council member was asked to recommend an area to have connecting sidewalks installed.  Councilman Jim Eyre recommended for his District 2 area installation of a sidewalk from the entrance of Briarwood Park along Briarwood Way connecting to the Drew Valley neighborhood. This is really great news for the residents of Drew Valley and we all thank Jim for making this happen. Construction is slated to begin before the end of the year.

The City has been working on its draft budget for 2014 and has currently recommended nearly $3 million for Parks funding. We all look forward to that kicking in and getting the revitalization of all our Parks in high gear.

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