Friends of Briarwood Park becoming Briarwood Park Conservancy

The Friends of Briarwood Park voted unanimously at our November meeting to change the name of our organization to the Briarwood Park Conservancy in a first step towards tax exempt status. We have submitted our charter/by-laws to and have been recognized by the state of Georgia. We are now waiting for approval from the IRS to receive 501(c)3 status going forward.

Park Pride is and will remain a valuable partner as Briarwood Park remains a park within the boundaries of DeKalb County. Their unique platform allowed our group to advocate and fundraise for Briarwood Park. Briarwood Park remains a work in progress with many future accomplishments to come.

Until our complete tax exempt status is approved, please continue to send your donations for Briarwood Park to Park Pride through this hyperlink

Donations via the Park Pride link are Tax Deductible. Park Pride will provide necessary documents for tax purposes.

Simply enter Friends of Briarwood Park in the drop down menu. We need approximately $3,000 to finish the gate arbors at the community garden and the IRS application fee for Briarwood Park Conservancy.

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